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The impacts of climate change are already upon us. We don't have to look hard to see the devastation that is beginning to take hold on peoples lives and the environment across the globe: from the melting Arctic to erratic rainfalls in subSaharan Africa and increased risk of hurricanes and flooding.

In the UK, the effects of climate change have not reached our shores so severely yet. But, if it is not taken seriously, the effects will be catastrophic. But responding appropriately to the climate crisis upon us will open the gateway for hundreds of thousands of green jobs.

Tackling climate change at the root through greening the economy is a direct and positive way in which climate activism and job provision meet. As ever we are strengthening Union affiliations through networking events, conferences and communication. If you are already affiliated or want to be then get in touch to organise a representative to attend an event.

Your Union can affiliate at 3 levels:
Local:    £25
Regional:   £50
National:   £150

Affiliation payments can be made by cheque, payable to Campaign against Climate Change and sent to the address below; bank transfer, or PayPal (payment form here) - when you make a payment, please make sure we have your contact details, by email or post.

Campaign against Climate Change
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Campaign against Climate Change
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Many thanks for your support